Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Half a Million Dollars

Half a million dollars is not much now days for a piece of real estate. But look what you can get in Maine, USA for under $500k

House #1

We have this beauty. With a heaps of fireplaces, loads of charm and a broad spacious 2 acres, who wouldnt want this home?
House #2

With lake frontage and oodles of charm, we have this gem. Water vista complete with little guest cottage!

House # 3

Please! Why cant we have many beautiful homes like this in Australia? Shame on us.

Now, bring you back to Australia....

For $500k in Inner Brisbane?

One of these town houses?


475 Sqm of land

I am sure you get the point!

I want my lake house to look and feel like its was born in Maine. It is decided!


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  1. Lovely homes to dream about - maybe take out a lotto ticket???

  2. You're kidding? Isn't that incredible? So much for the lucky country..Rachaelxx

  3. Well I didn't win - did you? maybe you did and have run off to Paris! ;-)