Thursday, July 1, 2010

Homes in the UK

The only hard copy magazines I consume now are the following:

Home Beautiful (because it was a free subscription for signing up with Origin Electricity)
BBC Homes and Antiques (UK)
Country Style

Sometimes another one might grab my attention and beg me to take it home or a wonderful agent from Belle Property may drop me off the current issue of Belle. Or a good friend may bring me one as a treat. But otherwise, I find so many beautiful images, ideas and inspiration through the blog world that I have no reason to buy anything more.

So, back to homes in the UK.

Check out this beautiful place which I have scanned out of my current issue of Homes and Antiques.

I like the contrast of the outside to the inside. I kind of 'don't judge a book by the cover' feel. You may expect a dark, musty place filled with old books and chipped china. But its anything but all of that!

I like the bed net idea for a guest room / office.

I love the bath... I miss my claw foot bath. MUST HAVE

I like the exposed beams to create more space / light.

I like the use in two rooms of bench seats against the tables which in one has created a kitchen nook without it being built in (renters take note there!)

I do love the white slip cover look however I know I am a more structured person and I would forever be fiddling with them to straighten them up. So not sure about that one.

What you may have missed (because the photos are quite small)

The kitchen is nice. (peeling veggies in my high heels is not my thing though and I would probably trip on that mat and smash my face against something - I am a clutz)

I want this tea pot!

A question. Would you believe this is a kit home?  Oh yes-sir-ree!

Oh I wish some of these companies were in Australia.

Oakwrigths - oak framed houses with a traditional feel.

Potton - Classic (barns) or contemporary looks and a bespoke service.

There are so many more places too, if you would like my bevy of kit home websites contact me. But trust me, there is nothing as good in Australia. Please advise if you do find one.  Otherwise, Australia should be ashamed of itself.

THIS is the only half decent place I have found yet, if you want a cubby!


  1. Storybook Cottages is the only one I know of... so true... it's a wasteland down here! By the way, you have fabulous taste. This Lakehouse is going to be special. A-M xx

  2. Yes that is a lovely home. I really like the dark outside and then the inside is so light and spacious. I am off to check out your suggestions....

  3. One day I'll have a white, white, white home! Just beautiful..Rachaelxx