Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Church needs an Owner

Like the pining in the eyes of the doggies while I look at the RSPCA Adopt a Pet page in the newspaper... that is how I feel when I look at cute rural cottages and sweet old places.

I have kept my eye on this place a while now. It is so cute. I would LOVE to get my hands on it and fix it up. But you cant have everything right.

Although I am working on trying to have my mother to buy it. She loves it too. I think the idea of the flowing creek for the grandchildren to play in was what got her across the line.

Then I will have another little project to work on. Yep, just what I need!

Cute - TICK
Leafy - TICK
Lovely vista - TICK
Power - TICK
Street appeal - TICK
Potential - DOUBLE TICK

The only large expense is sewerage / septic and never fear I have become quite the expert on that little topic!

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