Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Playing Tennis

When you know how much a vendor has spent on a property (damn you RPData) it makes it very difficult to tolerate any B.S. when they try to tell you what you should be paying. Especially if they have done nothing but use the place as a storage facility and watch it waste away... poor little church. 

Anyway, while we play that game of tennis with the contract going back and forward with conditions and a thousand dollars here and there, I am googling away and maybe on the search for a copy of Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Elle Decor. Anyone... anyone?

Linda at Surroundings featured a transformed 175-year-old church Check it out on THIS blog and more details are in the Elle Decor as mentioned above.


  1. Wow, doesn't that look divine! (ha, ha) I hope you manage to get the church - good luck!!! ;-)

  2. I will have a look for you tomorrow. I might have a copy.