Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fire Place

Probably should have stated this in my last post. I actually own the house I am considering moving to the lake. So it is just a matter of working that in as AN option or THE option.  So I am working with AN option and we are going to complete a bit of due diligence on this idea and see what we come up with.

My main issue is that it will not be exactly what I want and the front of the house hosts two of the bedrooms and the back of the house the kitchen and outdoor area. So then comes the question - Do you have the bedrooms looking out to the water or the kitchen (with potential deck and outdoor dining area?) Or do you have the front facing the entry from road with the lounge and one of the bedrooms to the lake. But then I need to keep street appeal in mind too and how it will look over all on the block. Big decisions.

Anyway, onto a little fireplace post:

I am having a fireplace no matter what. I have never understood the closed fireplace idea. And modern fireplaces just do not make sense. To me a fireplace is something which should be kept traditional and not messed with too much. Well that said, not caveman style! More federation, open fireplace style.... you get my drift right?

Anyway... this is the fireplace I am planning to recreate.

Very old and 'nothing' photo but only one I could find without launching a search party through disks or waiting to take a photo and then load it etc etc. Life is busy people!

What works:

I like that it is elevated from the floor. You don't have to bend too far to stoke it and it also creates more of a feature in the room as it is closer to eye level. It also works very well in a smaller space.

I like that there is a little mantel on the top which is basic.

This fireplace draws like a dyson which some people might say is not efficient when it comes to fuelling it? Hey, for years I had unlimited firewood supply and for me its about being able to sit there and enjoy the feel of it. I can promise you it does not ever smoke up the house or make anything smell of smoke. It is fantastic!

I like this simple design. What are everyone's thoughts?

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  1. I think your fire place is lovely, I would kill for a real fireplace in my dream home. Such a dilema with your moveable house, its lovely that you have these options, but stressfull as well hey!!!