Wednesday, July 14, 2010


For as long as I can remember I have wanted an Aga. Why? I just like the look of them. I am not sure about performance and all of that important stuff. I just love them. Why wouldn't I!!??

This weeks Brisbane News refreshed my memory by featuring an Aga on their "Loves" page. So I will go and check out Aussie BBQ's and Fireplaces at Murrarie

From an article in The Age in 2007 titled Gaga for Aga
"THE question has intrigued me for some time. Why do so many middle-aged women get steamed up over a big hot box that squats in their kitchen and has as much steel as a small Korean car, but costs twice as much?"

Makes me laugh. I'm not middle age!

If anyone has strong feelings about Aga, please note them below.

I would love to have either of these:

Maybe the second one is too big.

What my budget would probably only allow:

The Sunday Roast Aga Teapot

No, this one is probably more my style and takes me back to my heritage:

The Italian Aga Teapot

Yet they do say about the Aga:
"When you have one, you have this wonderful relationship with the kitchen. There's some dishes you put in the simmering oven when you go to bed and they are ready by breakfast-time. It is always there and always ready."
Is $17,000 too much to pay for an oven?

Maybe at a tenth of the price ($1,700) and about a tenth of the style too I should get a Thermomix instead.

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  1. Oh so country-ish and lakehouse-ish those stoves. Cut costs elsewhere and get what you love! A-M xx