Friday, July 23, 2010

Bedroom Love

This week I met briefly with a designer to talk about elevations. I am going to start there and work my way to the inside. When building modern residential project homes, mostly you choose your floor plan, then the elevation. That is not what I am looking for.

How exciting to see how it will evolve from the outside in!

I have previously posted of a couple of elevations I am very fond of and we are working with those to come up with something which will suit. I really want to work with sun angles to make the most of warmth and cool.

I will also spend this weekend stalking some recently purchased Australian magazines. There are currently LOADS of country styled places making their way to the front covers of the glossy mags this month. Yay for me.

Also, a HUGE welcome to my newest follower Sandy Foster of the most beautiful blog My Shabby Streamside Studio which I posted last week. I am so honoured and excited for her and her project. Sandy, you are my hero!

Onto a smaller and pretty project.  I am working on getting this bedhead made. I am even thinking of attempting it myself! I love it. And have loved this fabric for a few years now. I will use it now and then it will be sent to Heaven at the Lake.


  1. Wow, thats gorgeous! I am thinking of making an upholstered headboard too. And the way I see it, as long as you keep the headboard design fairly simple, you can be as bold as you like with the fabric. And if youre sick of it in a year, staple a new fabric on! So easy to make a major change in the look of a bedroom.

    Having said that, I ADORE that fabric!

    Katie x

  2. Yes, I'm an 'elevations first' kinda gal too! Every elevation has to be perfect before you start inside! So much fun planning! Enjoy! A-M xx

  3. Beautiful bedhead and gorgeous piece of land to build your dream home. Good luck and I can't wait to see all your planning and posts!

  4. im am absolutey in love with your blog! I too, built my house on 66 acres of land and i showcased it on my blog -

    i would love for you to come follow and check out the blog! i cant wait to visit more and see all the inspiration you have for your lake house!

    have a happy weekend!

  5. Love the bedhead and hope you post some after images of your achievement. Can't wait to see what sort of house design you decide on and then the fun begins...

  6. I have cushions in this fabric and love, love, love them. It's gorgeous on the bed head. I also love the palm arrangement next to the bed. Will be using this idea! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Cant wait to see your finished projects. Keep me posted with how your bedhead goes!