Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Spring Beginnings

On the first day of Spring it was all finalised.  The girls at work keep calling me 'The Land Baroness Capitalist' You can always count on them to make you laugh!

I am now working on plans and sewerage and council. All fun times and you will be amused to know that the sleepless nights have started. Dreaming of wall sconces was last nights thoughts while staring at the ceiling. And my good friend Kt has suggested I start a video blog to keep up with everything. I am considering that.

So I have to arrange a meeting with council next week. I asked my solicitor to create a clause for me to assist with any issues the council may have and this clause was built into the contract:
This contract is subject to and conditional upon the buyer/s at his/her/ their expense undertaking all reasonable town planning inquiries within 21 days of the date of this contract of the relevant Municipal Council as to whether the improvements to the property may be converted to a habitable/residential premises and to further undertake all Heritage/Character inquiries as to the property. In the event the results of the inquiries are unsatisfactory to the buyers, this contract may be terminated and the deposit monies refunded in full.

I am also slightly concerned that my usual home insurer will not cover the Church. This is because it is not classed as livable because there is no bathroom and kitchen. So off to find an insurer today. How awful a situation to have it burn down before we can even start. Gosh, that makes me feel horror!

Today's To Do List
Obtain insurance
Phone my onsite sewerage designer and get him on the case
Obtain a price for VJ paneling
Continue thinking about outdoor room options which will suit in lieu of a deck (HELP)

Sorry for the different path this has now taken. Do not fear, the lakehouse is still bubbling along, it is just a bigger and long term project. Is it ok to take you all on this journey here or should I start a new blog?

Can not stop thinking about building an open fire again and toasting marshmallows

Bellamore Circa 2009


  1. So much to think of and do, you must be buzzing with excitement! Im sure the ideas will keep you awake for some time yet. Good luck with the council and insurance etc. Look forward to following the journey.
    Rebecca x

  2. First things first - Congratulations! I am very excited for you and can't wait to follow along. I think you should continue on this blog because I feel you will have the church done in no time and then you can continue with the Lakehouse. Now onto VJ paneling, we just bought ours from Bunnings. We have a mixture in our house of original and the new mdf type and you really can't tell the difference other than cracks appearing in the original which we will need to re-gap!!! So best of luck with your to do list today and keep us posted! ;-)

  3. Forgot to mention that the VJ paneling is available in various lengths (depending on the Bunnings store) so make sure you check that out. I think the longest being 2700mm. ;-)

  4. Congratulations! I can't wait to follow you on this side-stepped journey! What a fantastic little project and you're already well on your way by the sounds :-)

  5. No, no, keep going with this blog! It's so interesting. Congratulations on your purchase of the church, can't wait to see how it turns out..Rachaelxx