Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Swear

Sorry, this is a boring post. But essential as I swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Firstly, I have been surprised and amused that as I ask the universe for something, it appears. Big things and little things. From the actual church, to linen cupboard ideas - at the moment they seem to just appear!  Like this Church conversion currently being sold by a sister of a friend of mine. They are selling this as they have bought a beautiful barn style place to renovate in the country. All things church are coming into my life - how exciting.

See more HERE

Anyway, back to boring. I am sitting here waiting on finance issues. It seems there are no problems with servicing the loan or current valuations, but just that the bank is a little unsure of the purchase of the church.

Well on paper it is not promising....
Here we have a shell of an former church built sometime around 1880 on a small block in the middle of nowhere. It has electricity and a couple of lights, but no bathroom, sewerage or kitchen. It is currently zoned rural agriculture. No dwelling. It needs a lot of work.
If I was the bank I don't thing I would approve that.  So we have had to go in from the angle of 'potential' and 'future value' it has been interesting to say the least.

There have been involved talks with the Building Certifiers regarding the church being classed as a 'Dwelling'. If this is not completed, it would be a disadvantage at the time of sale (if I wanted to sell that is) but I am also a big believer in getting everything completed properly.

So that is where things are at with the Church.

Oh! And after some research at the National Library I have discovered a little more about the timing of the Church construction. The school opened in 1886 and I have been told the church was constructed before the school. So, we could even have a 1870s antique on our hands!



  1. oh I love that converted church! Look forward to following yours....


  2. I hope that church conversion in Manly gave you some inspiration! ;-)

  3. It's basic physics - the law of attraction and all that hoo haa. Damn banks why do they have to have the final say? they love to throw a spanner or two in the works - don't they know you have an audience of bloggers watching and waiting for the church house to happen? Good luck and don't stress - remember...think positive and it WILL happen.