Thursday, September 2, 2010

Site Plan & Floor Plan

So here are the vendor's site and floor plans for those interested. Really? Honestly? Who would put a full size kitchen and dining area in a house this small? And is there really any point of the expense of a small 2m wide veranda? Not sure. Yes, well, needless to say I will not be proceeding with everything on this suggested floor plan. My idea is to spend only what is required to produce a comfortable result. It is important that everything is 'in keeping'.

The idea I have is to create rooms with furniture, not walls. And lets face it, unless it is raining or we are sleeping we are unlikely to spend too much time inside. Well, that is unless I put in a little fire place or pot belly stove... maybe.

I am so lucky to have the most amazing ex husband (long story) who has an open builder's licence so I am set on that count.

This marks out on either side of the house the suggested irrigation area for the sewerage plant

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  1. Looks great! Where is this little church? I love the idea you have of making rooms using furniture rather than having walls which would probable just enclose it... ;-)