Monday, September 6, 2010

Ikea Delights

If Ikea is good enough for Joni at Cote de Texas then its good enough for me!

In her post 'No Excuses Allowed' she talks about how great Ikea is for those on a budget. With a bit of planning and some basic design ideas you can create a fantastic room and even stylishly furnish a whole house within a budget.

She quotes
"if I was starting out today, or if I was furnishing a vacation house, I would run to IKEA and buy their slipcovered sofa in white"
She has linked a company Bemz located in Sweden which has recently come out with a new line of Belgian linen fabric slips, which they call their “Loose Fit Country” line.  Not totally cheap.... but very beautiful... see...

A good friend has just refurnished her children's retreat fantastically with new desks build out of some of the kitchen bench range, some day beds which convert to double beds and a new slimline TV cabinet, all within a modest budget but oozing with style. It looks fantastic!

If I can primarily fit out the Church with Ikea, splattered with a small helping of some Queensland Antiques I have been hording (a few Rosenstengel pieces) and some of my black and white photos I think it would be perfection. No french this time. Something different. Rustic. But clean.

I have always loved Ikea, but our love is deepening. I think we are going to be honeymooning together frequently over the next few months. Check out Ikea's new catalogue online HERE.


  1. Yes, I have been converted too. Have a look at their fantastic Jute rugs as well. Could be worthy of the church depending on your look? ;-)

  2. Yes are gorgeous and will look fantastic in the church!

  3. Love Ikea too, have been contemplating the slip cover lounge for the new house but I think I might need something a bit sturdier for my big huggable hubby.
    Looking at one in Harvey Norman, has a zip up the back to make it easier to get back on. And Australian made.
    Those linen slip covers look lovely but you are right not cheap. But what a great business idea.