Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Place to Call Home

As this blog is anonymous I was reluctant to post a photo of my most special house. This circa 1920's Bungalow has been in our family for four years this year. I remember taking the children to soccer and getting the phone call "Darling, I have bought us a house."
"I bought us a house!"
"Yeah right, can you pick up some tomatoes for dinner?"
"Darling, I don't think you heard me, I bought us a house. I have a bottle of Veuve ready so let me just give you the address and I will meet you there."
"What are you talking about? A house? Hang on. YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE?!?!?!?! While I was at soccer?!?!?!?!"
"Well yes, its not really big enough, but you are going to love it, and we can do an extension and it is going to be really great"

Well there was a bit more said after that, and stressing, and crying.  He bought a house at auction which I had never seen! And they say women impulse shop!

So of course there was more to the story than that, but I fell in love with this house and have made it a home to love.

Wouldn't this look great on the lake? And you can see where I get my inspiration from and why I love the current elevation idea.

I have all the colours written down in a little folder and I must begin taking photos from every angle of every screw and every tile and cornice detail before it is 'gone'.

Sigh. Love.

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  1. Your house is very close to my sister's place, and I remember when it went on the market she was seriously considering buying it. We both love it, it's absolutely gorgeous - and how about that man of yours, buying a house for you like that! Wow! K xx