Monday, May 24, 2010

From Washington to Queensland

I am seven days away from a BIG milestone.

Things are looking good and I am beginning to get excited and thinking more and more about elevation.  To me the elevation is number one. I can work the floor plan around that. And I have a few ideas about that too!

These houses are from Bainbridge Island Coastal Living real estate via Alkemie blog.

Bainbridge Island is an island city of Washington in USA.  How beautiful are these!

Wide Veranda is a MUST

Isn't American architecture just beautiful!
The little round window, the columns, the stairs, the roof line / angle.

How bright and airy does this feel! I do love this.
Because the view is about 160° I can grab some great views from the north. And north is where I would have these windows as that is where the beautiful warm winter sun comes streaming in to warm the cottage! One word - Perfection.


  1. That last picture, it is just so lovely. As you say so light and airy, I adore it.

  2. Oh yes, perfection. I am excited for you too! A-M xx