Thursday, May 13, 2010

Four Feelings in One Day - Due Diligence Update #2

If I read one more contradictory set of development guidelines today I think I may scream!

That said, I think I am getting somewhere. I have one more phone call to make. And I am hoping she will give me good news. She being ‘THE’ actual lady who would give my sewerage system a big tick or a very sad cross.

I could have phoned her today. I didn’t. My heart could not deal with one more emotion today.

I have to pick up all the little children, watch hockey training and watch the littlest one perform in the Music night at her school. There will be proud tears from me I know. So I just couldn’t possibly use any more of that emotional energy up today. I am sure those who have been there and done this will understand.

This one phone call is the make or break!

I am trying not to look at elevations, think of bathroom looks or paint colours! When I am driving along I find my mind wandering off to dimensions of artwork I have and where they may hang in this place. Then I have to SNAP myself back to reality. Get this 'poo' situation sorted out missy, then worry about hanging pictures!
I will leave you with this image. From the wonderful blogger and current Home Beautiful celebrity A-M from The house that A-M Built. I will be getting another one of these made by Oliveaux for this place to sit and and read magazines, or just to look at ;)  I can have one of these ANYWHERE


  1. When in the poo A-M's chair is certainly a happy thing to think about. I hope tomorrow brings a phone call to a very pleasant, positive lady who will give your poo situation a very big tick.

  2. Oh I recognised 'the chair' in my blog roll!... yes you can have one anywhere.. even in a mission brown rental I say! Oh good luck with the due diligence... I so know what you are going through. I only had a 7 day due diligence on this block so I could get to the top of the queue lining up to buy it... I have never worked so hard in my life. You'll get there... good sewerage news tomorrow. A-M xx