Friday, May 14, 2010

Due Diligence Update #3 ~ Council Man Crush

I officially have a crush on the guy from the council. I have dealt with him before with Bellamore and he was great then, but now he has stepped up to a level of awesomeness!

I’m just going to phone him right now to say thank you. Again.

Most of the time I get so frustrated with humans. Well, not in the bloggy world of course. People out ‘there’ often seem so mean. It’s sad. But the last two days, abet stressful, have restored my faith in humankind and community. Again.

It’s the insight you get when you spend time in a rural setting.

A little story of Bellamore

We would go to Bellamore most weekends, build a fire, sing songs, drink wine, watch the sun go down, laugh, talk and sometimes even cry. It was that kind of place people dream of. Over the years we celebrated homecomings, friend's engagements, New Years, Easter Egg Hunts and even a B & S Ball! But probably the most magical of all was the conception of a little much longed for baby. It was New Years eve and this couple had been trying for years... little did we know at the time that the magic of Bellamore was to bring them big bouncing baby boy 40 weeks later!

Bellamore’s local township has a co-op which you pay $50 to join. For that small investment you receive between 5 – 10% off your purchases in the town. But the best thing about this $50 is that it gives you a ‘buy-in’ to the community. “You are now one of us.” they say.

How cool is that?!

Every Saturday night was Family Movie Night. For $20 regardless of the size of your family, you could go and watch the movie in the old theatre (circa 1930), have hot dogs and popcorn and afterwards chat with all the neighbours. And lets just say you had a couple of beers down at the pub. No worries! The local policeman would take you home and bring your car to you the next morning.

It was a life changing experience and I have so many people to miss, especially all the oldies who have lived in the area all their lives.

Back to my council man crush.

I will have you know he is at least 60, married and probably has grandchildren. Its not ‘that’ kind of crush. It’s the crush on someone you just want to squeeze because of how helpful, learned and accommodating they have been. He gave me contacts for all the right people, in all the right places and even phoned them ahead of me to ensure they had all the details and his support of my plight.


And it was a big fat

Y E S!

So now time to research the Taylex Domestic Membrane System or DMS as it is affectionately known. I never thought I would think a sewerage treatment system would get me so excited!

It uses membrane filtration plus UV light to produce the cleanest water from a domestic treatment system in Australia today. It's ok, I will leave that there for now for fear I may send you to sleep.

Photo of DMS installed near a little baby dam... so cute!

So there you have it. It's a win today.

More praying and believing over the weekend for the next mountain to climb next week.

Now, what pretty image can I leave you with....mmmmmm.... thinking.... thinking......

Ok, this is a residence which was recently for sale up in Dayboro. I just LOVE this idea.

Love to all


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  1. Bellamore sounds like a wonderful community.
    Now our Lulu is spoodle. English cocker spaniel crossed with miniature poodle. She is very sweet and a big sook.