Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something's Gotta Get Me!

For those who have seen my earlier post about Something's Gotta Give will know that I love the house from that movie!

In a previous life while at a boutique building company, I worked with clients during the design and construction of their homes from contract stage right through to completion. Although I have a love of interior styling, my skill is really with interior design. The BIG things.  Which is what I am actually qualified to do! Now days I work in a completely different industry, but that is a totally different story.

I would work with clients to help them with floor plans, the height of cupboards, room dimensions, ceiling heights, window styles, aspect of entertainment areas and size their garage to suit there needs. These things are not always thought of. That is the difference when building a house and building a home. I really miss working in those kind of roles, but have fallen on my feet here really so I shouldn't complain.

Many of my clients still keep in touch to tell me what is happening at home and how much they love their homes, even 10 years later! I have always been so scared to build my own place from scratch and prefer renovation -maybe because I can blame someone from 100 years ago for bad design and don’t risk that fear of failure.

I am going to be my worst client!

There are so many fantastic stylists around both qualified, self taught and those people that have innate creativity to ‘know’ what looks good, what balance is needed and can put things together perfectly! And they are all more talented than me at this.

So, back to Something’s Gotta Give and designer Beth Rubino who is extremely talented. I have listened to her interview (HERE) on Skirted Round Table a couple of times and found it very interesting.

The house was completely a set. They never found a house which would work. The exterior of the house you see in the movie was shot in the middle of winter and all the greenery was plastic!  All of the other rooms were purpose built for filming.

The dining room idea of the large wall filled with white ironstone came from the designer’s friends home.

 They were able to place some window dressings in the front window for the shoot, but that was the extent of that actual house in the movie.

The blue and white rug in the lounge was originally a huge antique Drury rug which was cut and re sewn for the set. (here is the photo again in case you missed it the first time I posted it)

If you listen to the complete interview you will hear about those ideas and many more.
I can not stop thinking about that dining room.

Could I make that work I wonder? I have a table just like that! Or just save that for a home in the city?

Also, thank you for all of the lovely comments and emails. 
I love stalking reading all of your blogs too.


  1. There I was thinking I was the only person who bought the Something’s Gotta Give DVD just to see the house again and again!

    Thanks for posting the link to the Beth Rubino interview. I'll listen to it tomorrow.

  2. Now I am going to have to watch the movie again! I do remember loving the house at the time. I will have to see it again.

  3. thank you for this reminder... and i am so happy to have found this... i am on the hunt for the rug... wish me luck!
    have a wonderful weekend... xx

  4. Oh wow! I really the the house too! It is so beautiful! Even the design and structure of the house is good.
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