Thursday, May 13, 2010

Due Diligence Update #1

The Current Situation

I am in the due diligence phase written into the contract (30 days) and have been using this time to check boundary lines, possible planning approval issues, water, electricity etc.


Retail based (ie Origin) is going to cost quite a lot to run in. Estimated cost $18K + run in from road at 200m. Big dollar before you even switch on a light. So the thought of paying $25K to then buy electricity seems stupid to me. Approx cost of solar panels to make enough power for my little place plus air-conditioning (a girls gotta live!) would be around $25K total. Spending approx $10k every 10 or so years for new battery systems. That’s still going to be heaps cheaper than the currently rising costs of electricity. So that is a go-er.


Gas hot water / or solar if I have any area left to put more panels! And gas cooking. Done!


Big issues here. The highest flood level of the dam is the front boundary of the property. And the regulations state that an onsite sewerage facility has to be a minimum of 400m from that boundary. Now, even with my limited maths skills I can add up that the greatest length of the block is 410 meters and that’s in the very far right hand corner. What to do? What to do? Do I pull out of the contract? Then I look at the photos again and pray.

Then I realised they have toilets on the lake camp grounds. How do they do that? What systems do they use? Then another thought – how can they class this as a Large Residential Block (its 20 acres) if you cant put a sewerage system on it!?! CRAZY!

Another day of phone calls ahead.
Trying to keep a full time job without getting sacked. Keep a couple of houses in good working order and my little hobby business. Something’s Gotta Give!
Hang on!

That’s got to be a sign. From the moment I first saw this land, I thought of the lounge from Something’s Gotta Give.

This is the block

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  1. Just found your blog, and how exciting to be following you in your big adventure! Are you in Brisbane? That lake looks awfully like one very close to where I live. Looking forward to hearing all about your build. K xx